People’s Preface: A Journal of Research Initiatives

ISSN: 2520-7679

People’s Preface: A Journal of Research Initiatives is a peer-reviewed journal publishes articles in open ground to promote the author and building capacity on various multidisciplinary research issues. It tries to lead an excellent floor to work with people, for the people and by the people rationalizing various themes, which are essential for the country, people’s well being and development. People’s Preface devotes its point to recognize people’s voice through the potential young researchers, and work together with the recognition those researchers at the same time to lead their skills for country’s development and open up a lift for future generation. It is a knowledge base platform uplift regular practice through writing, publishing and disseminates research findings to gather new knowledge interacting with other researchers in respective fields. Thus, students and young researchers can find a path to grow expertise in respective fields as per with their standpoint and interest and more significant positive gains in attitude and motivation will be grown finally.

However, Peoples’ Preface agency provides funding for developing and maintaining peoples’ preface journal for the purpose of establishing effective platforms for promoting the researcher on multidisciplinary research issues.

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