Peoples’ Preface is a center established in 2018 for supporting Research, Development and publication initiatives. The aim of this center is to provide support for multidisciplinary research initiatives through intellectual services, implementation of ideas, technical and non-technical aspects. The integrated approach engaging different entities in the field of research, development and management are reflected in research, training, and intervention to ensure sustainable development activities, cooperation, networking in association with Govt, NGOs, INGOs and Private entities. The publication ground established for publishing different articles, Journals, books and other relevant documents which is completely bonded with the people’s preface goal and objectives. In addition, these areas of activities work in line with the agendas of national and international cooperation and guided by the principles and national commitment  promote the leadership and capacity building in coordination with development process; maintaining the relationship between actors and donors, through accountability, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms. The working area of peoples preface believe in solidarity, social justice, human dignity and work in cooperation with academicians, researchers, development practitioners, social activist, students, and diversified community.